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Employment Opportunities

Great pay, safety & security in a legitimate profession

We are always on the lookout for new ladies who are looking to make good money in a safe and supportive environment. Our escorts are proud to work for Club 503, as we are a legitimate upscale business that takes escort services incredibly seriously and we always expect to be represented with professionalism and decorum.

You can feel satisfied that you are a working professional with rights and decent clients who are held to a strict set of standards that ensures your safety and comfort.

Nurturing independence and healthy lifestyles

We treat our ladies with respect and care and offer support at all times for escorts from all backgrounds to promote independence and a safe, healthy lifestyle. We eat well, take care of our bodies and help educate our staff to better their futures, which can include providing the financial ability to complete higher education, get out of debt, secure safe homes, and live the way they want to.

Our ladies are a supportive group that look out for each other in their journeys to becoming debt free and untangled from negative lifestyles. Financial freedom and a renewed sense of self is our goal for our ladies, and believe that what you put into this career, you will get out.

Not to Brag, but.....

Become a 503 Girl.

How different would your life be with an extra $1000 or so a week, working a couple days a week? Being financially secure gives you options and removes stress. If you would like to work towards goals,  then we would love to hear from you.

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