About Us

Club 503

We have been providing professional escort and massage services for seven years, now, and we love our job and our establishment.  Our management team is focused on providing upscale services that are legitimate and beneficial to both client and escort. With importance on providing a safe, welcoming environment for both our clients and our ladies, Club 503 is an industry leader for adult entertainment in New Zealand.

Our passion is to provide an elite level of adult entertainment in Tauranga that our clients keep coming back for and we can be proud of. We always strive to create indulgent and elegant experiences that transport our clientele to new levels of pleasure, all while being sophisticated and thoroughly discreet for the privacy and comfort of our guests.

Our Ladies

Each and every one of our stunning ladies have been carefully vetted and selected, each with a special something that our clients ask for. Every one is unique and offers a high-class service for every taste and desire, and we take care of them as we take care of our guests in a legitimate, professional setting.

Want to join us?

Become One of Our High-Quality Tauranga Escorts and Adult Entertainers

We offer employment opportunities that help our ladies move up in the world, seek specialised education, buy homes, and create the lives they want for themselves and their families. Our environment is highly supportive, and you can make friends for life within our walls. With fair and safe working conditions, great pay and flexible shifts – you can design the lifestyle you want and become financially freer than you could ever imagine. We have strict rules about our health and safety and ensure that working conditions are always at a high standard for your comfort and protection. Talk to us now.